Last Days Madness! Papal Knighthood For a Jewish Rabbi!

by David on June 28, 2015

This Roman Catholic Beliefs study features a video from MySoulRefuge, about a Jewish Rabbi being given a Papal Knighthood.

We are truly living in the last, of the last says for sure folks. The Roman Catholic church conferred a Papal Knighthood on a Jewish Rabbi.

You can see the melding together of the professional religionists, as I like to call them, but it has NOTHING to do with the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ at all.

If there is trouble on the horizon, who do you think the people are going to turn to?

They will turn to the professional religionists, especially the Pope who is usually on the front pages of the newspapers whenever he does anything at all. There is a propaganda of counterfeit and religious unity, but it is not of the Lord at all.


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