Catholic Teachers In Germany Abused Over 500 Students

This Roman Catholic Beliefs post features an article about the physical and sexual abuse of students in Germany.

‘Like hell’: Catholic school teachers abused 500+ students over 50 years in Germany, report says

Hundreds of school pupils in the Bavarian town of Regensburg, home to the famous German cathedral choir, suffered from physical and sexual abuse for decades, an investigator says, adding that no abusers will be prosecuted due to a lapse in the claims.

Some 500 instances of alleged physical abuse and 67 instances of alleged sexual abuse that took place over almost five decades were uncovered during an investigation against the famous Regensburger Domspatzen (Regensburg Cathedral Sparrows) choir, the special investigator, attorney Ulrich Weber, told journalists during a press conference, where he presented his 450-page report on the issue.

The abuse practices continued in the school for almost 50 years from 1945, with the most recent cases dating back to 1992, Weber said.

He went on to say that some victims were subjected both to physical and sexual abuse and put the total number of victims at 549. At the same time, he said that the real number of those who suffered from various forms of abuse at the Catholic school could be even higher, and cited unofficial data that suggest the number of victims could amount to at least 700 people, as reported by the German Die Zeit daily.

In some years, violence at the school took place almost on a daily basis, Weber said, adding that the victims described their experience at the school and choir as “like a prison, hell and a concentration camp,” and called those years “the worst time of their lives, characterized by fear, violence and hopelessness.”

Most instances of abuse occurred in the pre-school institution, Die Welt reports, citing Weber.

The investigator said that the pupils were mostly abused by their teachers as well as the heads of the choir, adding that the total number of those involved in various forms of abuse amounted to 49. Nine people of those perpetrators were involved in sexual abuse, he said.


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