The Sex Crimes Of Roman Popes, Priests and Nuns

This Roman Catholic Beliefs study features recent headlines that expose the wicked rape and pedophilia sex crimes of priests.

For years now the Catholic Church has been rocked by child sex abuse allegations on an almost biblical scale.

Accusations against priests have been leveled across the world with the Vatican saying at least 3,400 credible cases were referred to it between 2004 and 2014.

If you’re Catholic, you can click away; but many children are being sexually abused by Catholic priests; and if you do nothing about it, then you are complicit in their crimes.

According to Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter, who decided to research this particular topic, since 1950, the Vatican has spent $3,994,797,060.

That’s nearly $4 billion to keep the issue hush hush. That number may even be a bit conservative considering the amount of “under the table” dealings have taken place which were uncovered in Spotlight investigations.

Most cases were never reported nor were they taken to court, leaving their reality in the dark.

The figure is based on a three-month investigation of data, which includes a review of over 7,800 articles from LexisNexis Academic and NCR databases and information from Reports from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops were also used.

12/19/18 Report: Jesuits have been housing abusive priests at Gonzaga for years.

Behind the radio station’s closed doors, Poole was a serial sexual predator. He abused at least 20 women and girls, according to court documents. At least one was 6 years old. One Alaska Native woman says he impregnated her when she was 16, then forced her to get an abortion and blame her father for raping her. Her father went to prison.


12/19/18 Pope Francis accepts the resignation of L.A. auxiliary bishop accused of abuse.

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the Auxiliary Bishop Alexander Salazar of the archdiocese of Los Angeles, after an allegation of his misconduct with a minor in the 1990s was deemed credible by the archdiocese’s independent Clergy Misconduct Oversight Board.


12/18/18 Pennsylvania attorney general says 45 states looking to pursue Catholic church for documents on abuse by priests.

Law enforcement officials from up to 45 states have sought assistance from Pennsylvania authorities in pursuit of alleged misconduct by Catholic priests and related efforts to conceal that abuse by the church, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said.

Shapiro, in an interview with USA TODAY, said the surge of outside inquiries has come just in the past four months since a landmark state grand jury investigation found that more than 300 “predator” priests had abused at least 1,000 victims across six decades.


12/18/18 Jesuits release list of 89 US priests accused of sex abuse

Jesuit authorities for 20 US states on Monday released the names of 89 priests with credible allegations of child sexual abuse dating as far back as 1950.

The disclosures by the Jesuit provinces of Maryland and USA Midwest are the latest chapter in the ongoing sexual abuse scandal roiling the Catholic Church and come after 153 Jesuits were publicly identified by two other provinces earlier this month.


12/12/18 Cardinal George Pell found guilty of child sexual offenses.

An Australian jury has found Cardinal George Pell, 77, guilty on five charges of “historical child sexual offenses” that go back decades, according to various media reports and confirmed by America. The 12-member jury gave their unanimous verdict in the County Court of the State of Victoria in Melbourne on Tuesday, Dec. 11.


08/14/18 Pennsylvania report documents over 1,000 victims of priest abuse.

In an emotional press conference on Tuesday, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro unveiled a more than 800-page grand jury report that chronicles seven decades of sexual abuse of children by priests in six Catholic dioceses and the “systematic cover up by senior church officials in Pennsylvania and at the Vatican.”

Mr. Shapiro said that his office’s two-year investigation identified 301 priests who abused children and more than 1,000 victims. He said members of the grand jury told him they believe the number of victims is much larger.


08/14/18 New reports of sexual abuse rock Benedictine abbey schools in England

The Inquiry’s findings, just published, have rocked the Order of St. Benedict and the Catholic Church here.

This is serious. The damning, 220-page report found, not only evidence of appalling sexual and physical mistreatment of children for more than 40 years beginning in 1960, with some victims as young as 7 at Ampleforth and 11 at Downside, but widespread indications of a “culture of acceptance of abusive behaviour and the prioritisation of monks and their reputations over the protection of children” in both institutions.


07/13/18 Top Chilean Priest Arrested for Sexually Abusing 7 Children

Months after it was revealed that Chile’s Roman Catholic church was embroiled in a culture of abuse and cover-ups spanning decades, authorities have arrested a top priest for sexually abusing minors.

Oscar Munoz Toledo, once a prominient member of Santiago’s archdiocese, was taken into custody Thursday.

“The crimes he is accused of are of repeated sexual abuse and one case of a consenting relationship with an older minor,” Chilean prosecutor Emiliano Arias told reporters.


05/18/18: All of Chile’s 34 bishops RESIGN over a sex abuse and cover-up scandal after crisis meeting with the Pope

Francis had accused the bishops of destroying evidence of sex crimes, pressuring investigators to minimize abuse accusations and showing ‘grave negligence’ in protecting children from paedophile priests.


05/15/18 Catholic Nuns Arrested For Performing Satanic Rituals On 60 Children

Two Catholic nuns have been arrested for performing violent Satanic rituals on at least 60 children at an orphanage nicknamed ‘Hellhouse’ in Colombia.


03/05/18 Male escort exposes 36 gay priests in file sent to Vatican containing explicit WhatsUp App chats and erotic photos.

A 1,200-page dossier containing the names of 34 “actively gay” priests and six seminarians in Italy has been sent to the Vatican by the archdiocese of Naples.

The allegations were compiled by Francesco Mangiacapra, a gay male escort who told local media he couldn’t put up with the priests’ “hypocrisy” any longer.

“The aim is not to hurt the people mentioned, but to help them understand that their double life, however seemingly convenient, is not useful to them or to all the people for whom they should be a guide and an example to follow,” Mangiacapra said, as reported by the Corriere della Sera.


02-27-18 Pope Francis Forgives 4,444 Pedophile Priests In Australia

An inquiry in Sydney has uncovered evidence that Pope Francis has forgiven and covered up the crimes of 4,444 pedophile priests in Australia.

The Australian commission reported that not only were the priests forgiven by the Vatican for their crimes, allegations were “swept under the carpet” and never reported to law enforcement.


12-21-17: Ex-abbot jailed for 18 years for abusing boys at top Catholic school.

The former Ealing abbot and headmaster, known as Father Laurence, was extradited to face 19 charges of indecent assault and buggery against 10 former pupils.

He fled to Kosovo with £182,000 from the Vatican bank in a bid to avoid responsibility for the abuse at fee-paying St Benedict’s School in Ealing, west London.


12-21-17: Catholic Church Bishop Says: ‘Children are asking to be raped’

A New York Catholic Bishop has caused outrage after claiming that victims of pedophile priests only have themselves to blame because “children are asking to be raped”.

During his testimony, Cunningham not only said: “the boy (the victim) is culpable” – he also referred to victims as “accomplices”, saying it was “what they wanted” and they were “asking for it”.


12-19-17: $5M bail set for priest accused of abusing North Dakota boys

Prosecutors allege that Sayasaya abused two underage siblings from 1995 to 1998, while he was assigned to the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church and St. Mary’s Cathedral in the Fargo area.


12-08-17: NY Catholic Church pays $40 million to sex abuse victims

Just over $40 million in compensation has been paid to 189 people who identified themselves as victims of clergy sex abuse, the Archdiocese of New York said in a report released Thursday.

The archdiocese noted that the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program ended Nov.
30, but some additional claims are still being processed.


12-15-17: Catholic Church Singled Out In Australian Sex Abuse Report

The Australian reports: “More than 15,000 people contacted the commission to share their experiences of abuse, more than 8,000 of them spoke personally with the commissioner about the trauma it caused, and approximately 2,500 cases have now been referred to police.”


12-07-17: A former Roman Catholic priest has been found guilty of sexually abusing boys at the London school where he taught in the 1970s and 80s.

Fr Laurence Soper, 74, had previously fled to Kosovo after withdrawing £182,000 from a Vatican bank account, fleeing accusations of sex abuse against minors. He had been extradited back to the UK to face 19 charges of indecent and serious sexual assault against 10 pupils while headmaster at St Benedict’s School, Ealing.

Yesterday an Old Bailey jury found him guilty on all charges, according to BBC News.


12-02-17: Catholic priest accused of raping children after purifying them with holy oil is arrested

Italian law enforcement has arrested a Catholic priest working in the parish of the village of Sant’Agata who, for at least three years, is alleged to have raped several children under the age of 14.

Father Pio Guidolin now stands accused of sexual assault on minors. Local media reported that the carabinieri – military police – arrested the priest on Friday (1 December) following an investigation by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Catania, the second largest city of Sicily.


11-20-17: Number of women accusing Catholic priest ‘Father Pervert’ of sex abuse now 30

More than 30 victims now say they were abused by a Queens priest known by students as “Father Pervert,” “The Pig” and “Lurch.”

Attorney Mitchell Garabedian says he is representing 34 women and one man who allege they were sexually abused by the Rev. Adam Prochaski between 1970 and 1994.

Prochaski, who was assigned to Holy Cross Parish in Maspeth, Queens, is no longer a priest. The victims were between the ages of 5 and 16 when they were allegedly abused.


11-15-17: Defrocked priest now faces 31 counts of sex abuse in Maine

A former Roman Catholic priest who spent more than a decade in a Massachusetts prison for raping an altar boy has been re-indicted on sexual abuse charges in Maine.

Officials say Ronald Paquin now faces 31 counts of sexual abuse in York County after being initially indicted on 29 counts in February.


11-04-17: Priest accused of sexually assaulting paralyzed man

An Illinois priest is charged with sexually assaulting a paralyzed, intellectually disabled man, WLS reported.

According to Kankakee County State Attorney Jim Rowe, a nurse walked in on Richard Jacklin while the priest was allegedly performing a sex act on the 39-year-old man at a developmental center on Tuesday.


11-09-17: The Diocese of Duluth’s multiple insurers have reached a settlement in a bankruptcy case that stems from clergy sexual abuse.

Their insurer, Catholic Mutual, will give $8,950,000 toward the case. If it’s approved by a bankruptcy court, it will go to the claimants in sexual abuse cases.


10-26-17: Australian Catholic Church liable for A$1 billion over child abuse

The Australian Catholic Church believes it will be liable for at least A$1 billion (£583 million) in compensation payments to thousands of children who were sexually abused by the clergy.

The church has already paid at least $300 million to victims, some of whom gave evidence to a royal commission that, when it concludes in December, will have taken testimony from 8,000 people abused as children by Catholic priests, other clergy and government staff.


09-19-17: Catholic Church Releases List of Pedophile Priests — 74 in One Diocese

If you think the Catholic Church doesn’t have a massive problem with priests molesting children, take a look at this document from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico listing 74 who have been convicted of raping children either by the church, the state or both.

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe and the Servants were the target of dozens of lawsuits in the 1980s and ’90s alleging that priests were molesting children.


09-19-17: French Cardinal Philippe Barbarin and a senior Vatican official were today ordered to stand trial for allegedly covering up for a paedophile priest accused of abusing several boy scouts in Lyon in the 1980s.

In 2016, Preynat was charged with statutory rape and sexual assault but an investigation into Barbarin’s silence on the issue was dropped for lack of evidence.

Ten people who claim to have been abused by Preynat pressed their case and succeeded in having it reopened.


A Catholic Priest has been acquitted by the church after he admitted to raping almost 30 young girls aged between 5 and 10-years-old.

The priest, Jose Garcia Ataulfo, was cleared of any wrong-doing and won’t face any criminal charges, despite the fact that he knew he was infected with HIV when he sexually abused all the children he admitted to raping.

Ataulfo admitted to sexually assaulting Pedophile, well over two dozen children, many of whom were indigenous young girls from Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico known for its large indigenous population.

09-16-17: The Vatican has recalled a high-ranking priest from its embassy in Washington after US prosecutors said they wanted to charge him in a child abuse images investigation.

The State Department had asked the Vatican to lift his diplomatic immunity because they suspected the unamed diploment of possessing abuse images that included pre-pubescent children, according to a US source.


08-28-17: Australia’s most powerful clergy, Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart, says he’s prepared to be jailed for failing to report child sex abuse by pedophile priests.

Hart insisted that sexual abuse was “a spiritual encounter with God through the priest” and was “of a higher order” than criminal law.


08-04-17: Nearly 100 sex abuse suits against Catholic priests rock island of Guam.

Archbishop Anthony Apuron, 13 Guam priests and others, including a Catholic schoolteacher, a Catholic school janitor and a Boy Scout leader, are alleged to be sexual predators. Guam’s Archdiocese of Agana is a defendant in 96 lawsuits.

The complaints detail alleged attacks from 1955 through 1994 and claim some religious leaders knew of the exploitation and ignored it. One retired priest, who admitted in an affidavit that he sexually abused 20 or more boys, still receives a monthly stipend from the archdiocese.


08-02-17: Catholic priest in the Philippines caught bringing 13 year old to motel for sex.

A Catholic priest in the Philippines was caught by police allegedly driving a 13-year-old girl to a motel to have sex after paying her 16-year-old pimp.

Monsignor Arnel Lagarejo was arrested Friday in a joint operation by Marikina police and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) after the victim’s mother contacted authorities.


07-25-17: Pedophile Priest who Raped 200 Children Forgiven by The Pope

Father James Porter, the evil priest who raped over 200 children, confessed his pedophilia to the Pope who decided it best to “forgive and forget”, it has been revealed.

By ignoring his pedophile confession, the Pope left Father Porter to sexually abuse many more children that could’ve otherwise been spared.

The pedophile priest was caught after a private investigator, who was working with the serial rapist’s victims, taped a phone conversation in which Porter admitted to raping over 100 children.

The church ended up settling 131 claims related to Porter, making it the largest sex abuse scandal in history until new allegations later emerged in Boston involving defrocked priest Paul Shanley.

Although he admitted to raping all those children, prosecutors on the case believe the actual number was well over 200 victims.


07-18-17: Some 500 instances of alleged physical abuse and 67 instances of alleged sexual abuse that took place over almost five decades were uncovered in Bavaria.

Hundreds of school pupils in the Bavarian town of Regensburg, home to the famous German cathedral choir, suffered from physical and sexual abuse for decades.


07-05-17: Vatican police ‘break up drug-fueled gay orgy at home of secretary of one of Pope Francis’s key advisers’

When police showed up, they found drugs and a group of men engaged in sexual activity, local reports state.

Reports in Italy claim the occupant of the apartment is allegedly the secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio – a key aide to the 80-year-old Pope.


06-29-17: Vatican’s 3rd most powerful figure, Cardinal Pell, charged with multiple sex assaults.

Australia’s highest-ranking Roman Catholic clergyman, Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell, has been charged by Australian police over sex allegations from “multiple complainants.”

Cardinal Pell is facing multiple charges in respect of historic sexual offences.


06-26-17: ‘Unprecedented’ Amount of Child Porn Discovered in the Vatican – Largest Catholic Church pedophile bust in history

Archbishop Josef Wesolowski, one of the accused that had triggered the investigation, not only possessed more than 100,000 images and videos of children being forced into sex acts but also of him sexually abusing multiple children in Poland and the Dominican Republic have already previously been exposed in 2014.


03-03-17: Hundreds Dead Children Discovered At Catholic Church Home In Ireland.

A mass grave of young children and babies has been discovered on the grounds of a former Catholic home for unwed mothers in Ireland.


1,795 reports of church-related sex abuse of minors in the Dutch Roman Catholic Church

Thousands of children suffered from sexual abuse in the Dutch Roman Catholic Church over more than six decades, and about 800 “possible perpetrators” have been identified, according to an independent Commission of Inquiry, issued in 2011.

The Commission of Inquiry said it received 1,795 reports of church-related sex abuse of minors and the “reports contained information about possible perpetrators.”


2009 Archdiocese of Dublin and other Catholic Church authorities in Ireland covered up clerical child abuse

A bombshell report commissioned by the Irish government concluded that the Archdiocese of Dublin and other Catholic Church authorities in Ireland covered up clerical child abuse.
The Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation’s 720-page report said that it has “no doubt that clerical child sexual abuse was covered up” from January 1975 to May 2004, the time covered by the report. The commission had been set up in 2006 to look into allegations of child sexual abuse made against clergy in the Irish capital.

The report named 11 priests who had pleaded guilty to or were convicted of sexual assaults on children.


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Some day the world will rise up against the Roman Catholic Church, and expose all of her wicked deeds, and desolate her; for she is an abomination before the Father in Heaven.

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