Seven FALSE Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Cult!

This Roman Catholic Beliefs post features a video called ‘Seven FALSE Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Cult!‘ from the Soul Refuge YouTube Channel.

My name is WF White and I am a former Roman Catholic. I was saved out of that deceptive religious system all the way back in 1989.

In his well known book “Why Revival Tarries” Leonard Ravenhill called the Roman Catholic Church “the greatest forgery Lucifer ever made.” It is a miracle to be saved and born again of the SPIRIT (John 3:1-9).

It was the SPIRIT of the living GOD who showed me that the Church of Rome preached a counterfeit and soul-damning gospel! I was on my way to Hell until 1989 when the REAL Jesus Christ DELIVERED me out of Catholicism.

In these videos I thoroughly DEBUNK the counterfeit teachings of the Roman Catholic Church such as the Papacy, Purgatory, the Catholic Mass, Transubstantiation, the Catholic Priesthood, Mary worship, the counterfeit apparitions of “Mary” and other things. Be blessed!

Video References

  • 0:00 Introduction by Former Roman Catholic WF WHITE
  • 1:20 Mary-Dead Saints As Mediators
  • 4:49 Bible Truth That Refutes-False Teaching Number
  • 6:20 The Catholic Mass Satisfies The Justice of God
  • 10:19 Bible Truth That Refutes-False Teaching Number
  • 16:00 Transubstantiation-Changing Bread-Wine- Into Jesus Christ
  • 21:04 Bible Truth That Refutes-False Teaching Number
  • 25:08 Purgatory – That “other” Catholic Place
  • 29:20 Bible Truth That Refutes-False Teaching Number
  • 33:08 Idolatry of Rome – Statues/Graven Images
  • 36:23 Bible Truth That Refutes-False Teaching Number
  • 39:57 The Pope Is The Vicar of Christ On Earth
  • 48:20 Bible Truth That Refutes-False Teaching Number
  • 53:17 New Birth Through Infant Baptism
  • 54:52 Bible Truth That Refutes-False Teaching Number

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In the day of judgment, we will stand before our Heavenly Father and Messiah, so we want to be sure that our life lines up with His holy Word, “For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.“ Romans 14:10

The Popes proclaim to represent Jesus, so their words should align with the teaching of Messiah, as Messiah is the Word of God who became flesh, to come to atone for our sins as the Spotless Lamb.

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6 thoughts on “Seven FALSE Teachings Of The Roman Catholic Cult!”

  1. It was the devil that delivered you from the “HOLY” Catholic Church, not God, unless the devil is your god.
    Let’s start with the meaning of Cult.
    a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.
    an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult.
    the object of such devotion.
    a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.
    So yes the Catholic Church is a cult, a good cult of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Non Catholics are not Christian, the Catholic Church is from Christ, meaning “ALL” others are from the devil. It should be noted also that the Bible is from the Catholic Church, it was the Church that was inspired by God to choose and declare the scriptures inspired by God. If you disagree with that, please give us the authority who did so if it wasn’t the Church.
    I just can’t bare to watch all of your evil video, because it is full of lies, it is obvious that you never knew the Catholic faith in the first place, how Jesus gave His Mother to us, to lead us to Him as she does at the marriage at Cana. We do not worship Blessed mother Mary, and you cannot go to Jesus without going through her. Blessed Mary and all the Saints are not dead, we have what is called the Communion of Saints, and the idea is to imitate them to become closer to Jesus and salvation. They gave up their whole lives to be with Christ.
    It is you heretics of the antichrist occult that rejects the scriptures, the Church, Jesus Christ, and God the Father who sent Him. (Luke 10:16)
    The One and only way to Jesus and the Holy Spirit is through the Catholic Church, not a book that you can’t understand, or even refers to you outside the One true faith. (Matthew 16:18-19, Matthew 18:17-18, 1 Timothy 3:15, Matthew 12:30, John 20:21-23, Matthew 28:16-20)

    • Who is the antichrist beast of Revelation? The word ‘anti’ means both ‘in place of’ and ‘against.’ The popes proclaim to take the place of Messiah, to be the ‘Vicar of Christ,’ the substitute Christ on earth; but they teach heretical concepts that are contrary to Messiah.

      The popes teach a false Gospel of works through the sacraments which has misled billions of Catholics, leaving them lost in their sins. The popes teach that Mary was sinless, that salvation is through her, and that she is the mediator to the Father. And now the Popes say that all religions lead to the same God.

      The popes deny God by proclaiming to be God, forgive sins, and provide salvation, which is blasphemy. They have people call them Holy Father, which Messiah forbids. They’ve taken God’s titles of His Holiness, Most Blessed Father, Vicar of God, God on Earth, and the true God.

      The Popes deny that Messiah came in the flesh, as they teach the immaculate conception of Mary and that Mary was sinless, which means that Messiah didn’t inherit a human flesh sin nature through her. The Popes deny Messiah by proclaiming to be the high priest of His church, but they teach a false gospel of works through the sacraments. The Popes deny Messiah by proclaiming that Mary is the intercessor to the Father.

      During the Dark Ages, the popes banned and burned the Scriptures. The popes caused Catholics to kill tens of millions of saints during the Dark Ages and Inquisition. The cruel torture devices that they used are the most brutal made by man.

      The popes cause Catholics to make graven images. This breaks the second commandment, which they removed from their list. They have images of Mary before which many Catholics bow down and pray. Their wicked crucifix keeps Messiah on the cross, putting Him to open shame. They make him the eternal victim, keeping him on the cross.

      The popes venerate skulls and bones in cathedrals and crypts. They cause Catholics to pray to dead saints, which is forbidden.

      The Popes deny Messiah’s one-time atonement for sins, as they proclaim that their priest brings Messiah down from heaven to create an unbloody sacrifice during the blasphemous Eucharist ceremony. They are denying Messiah’s one-time atonement for sin as our High Priest in the flesh. They proclaim that the bread and wine are his real body which is sacrificed again for sins. This heretical act is played out in Catholic churches around the world many times a week.

      The pope’s blasphemous Eucharist ceremony symbolizes the Babylonian Mystery Religion as the priests revere the round sun-god wafer, then place it in a monstrance that has sun rays emanating from it. The wafer is placed on a Luna holder, which symbolizes the moon goddess. This mimics the sexual union of the sun god and moon goddess, which produces their incarnate christ child Tammuz. They do this under the guise of it representing Messiah’s communion.

      The Pope’s have an Egyptian obelisk phallic symbol of the pagan sun god in the middle of a sun wheel in St. Peter’s Square, which designates the basilica as a temple of sun-god worship. Inside St. Peter’s Basilica is a huge sun symbol above a large ornate throne. The Popes made the Roman Pantheon, where all pagan gods are worshipped, into a Catholic church, and they place another Egyptian obelisk in front of it.

      The popes have people fawn over them, kiss their hand, lay prostrate before them, revering them. The leaders of nations and religions travel to Vatican City to bow before the Pope as a world leader.

      The popes made themselves rich with the collection of indulgences. They spent many billions on their many ornate basilicas instead of using the money to preach the true Gospel, provide Bibles worldwide, provide food and water to people worldwide, and end homelessness.

      The popes forbid their priests to marry, which causes many to be homosexual, to rape nuns and children.

      The popes cause Catholics to make vain, repetitive prayers during mass and while praying the rosary to Mary, which Messiah forbids.

      The popes cause many people to reject Messiah and the pure Gospel because they think that the actions of the Roman Catholic popes and priests represent the true faith of Scripture.

      In the name of Jesus Christ, the Popes have systematically made war with Messiah and His saints, yet somehow the antichrist is hidden in plain sight.

      • Absolutely amazing post David, you really hit a home run here. I read this carefully and found your comment to be very rich, full of truth. My recent reading has brought much of this truth into the light for me. A multitude of books have been written for anyone who has a love for the truth.
        “Come out of her my people!” It’s all there, all over the world, anyone can read it.
        Abundant blessings from our Lord Jesus, I’ll see you at the marriage supper!

    • Unbelievable ! You know very little about real Facts if “WHO ENDED THE DARK AGES” In 1543 Martin Luther exposed 95 “CULTIC” practices of “THE CATHOLIC CHURCH !” Snd nailed them to the cathedral in Cologne, Germany ! He exposed the demonic pope for who he was ! In retaliation the pope used his “JESUITS” to hunt down and kill Martin Luther ! Whom God protected and they never found him !
      Light came back to the church nearly every country expelled the Catholic Church , all but Spain .
      My friend I know too much about this LUCIFERIAN HIGH ARCHY IF TGAT SO CALKED CHURCH !
      God gave Martin Luther great insight ! And peace came to the world , religious freedom began to blossom, I suggest you look unbiasedly of what others have said. Almost all our presidents have spoken of the “POPE’S ARMY AKA THE JESUITS !” I have read their secret oath and it is demonic to say the least !
      I know most Catholics mean well , but Hell will be full of those well meaning people .

    • Woweee what a mess!!! You have got the gospel wrong, your theology is wrong, this letter you post here is about the most goofed up thing I’ve ever read in my life. There is no helping you if you don’t want the truth. I’m sorry for you and hope God will have mercy on you when you stand before him. For goodness sakes read your Bible!
      It’s Jesus that saves you not Mary or a “damned to hell for eternity pope!”
      Don’t you read your Bible? “Come out of her my people!” Don’t you know this?


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